Reducing traditional e-commerce intermediaries has led to a new online business format. It is called dropshipping and combines with almost all forms of e-commerce. Many marketplaces exist for beginner and experienced entrepreneurs, such as dropshipping on Mercari. However, many beginner entrepreneurs do not know how to find reliable suppliers.

Finding the best suppliers for dropshipping business

Dropshipping is a commercial activity in which the seller of the goods acts as an intermediary. Dropshippers do not need warehouses and do not deal with the details of sending orders to their customers. Suppliers solve these issues and organise warranty and post-warranty service of products. But where can drop shippers find a proven supplier who will surely not fail the entrepreneur?

Most drop shipping goods suppliers are in China, but some may work in Europe or the USA. This pattern is explained by factors such as the sharp drop in consumer incomes and living standards, which led buyers to focus on online purchases of any type of product. The availability of cheap marketplaces has made Internet commerce available to any beginner entrepreneur, even if they have no initial capital.

When you plan to search for a dropshipping supplier, we advise you to ensure the manufacturer’s reliability and responsibility. The most important thing in this process is careful reading of the treaty and the existence of safeguards. Also, online reviews on the particular developer will be at least useful. If the manufacturer is ready to solve the issue of refunding or replacing goods with defects, it is surely a great option for you.

One proven way to find suppliers for dropshipping is specialized databases and online catalogs. You can find them online in the public domain. Entrepreneurs who are fluent in English or ready to hire an interpreter can try to cooperate with foreign suppliers. Chinese manufacturers will be an acceptable option since they have a huge range of products and low prices.


Dropshippers can sell different product categories. Among them are clothing, children’s goods, electronics, household goods and accessories. The most prominent examples of suppliers of such goods in China are Taobao, Chinavasion, Osell, and Tmart. However, you should focus on the amount you are willing to spend on the purchase of goods. Entrepreneurs with large start-up capital can start working with manufacturers and large sellers at wholesale prices. As a rule, manufacturers have the lowest prices but deliver the goods in large quantities.

Today, dropshipping has a lot of useful tools for business organizations like Easync, which helps entrepreneurs optimise business processes and automate employee work. Also, dropshipping business models have a high level of investment attractiveness. Investor involvement and business sales became promising areas of activity in Europe and the USA. Investing in online products no longer scares shareholders; this trend is also changing significantly in other countries.


Due to the global economic crisis, China was ahead of Western competitors, and Chinese goods received huge price odds during transportation to the Western market. Most modern dropshipping suppliers are in Asia. Each of these suppliers has a specialized system of benefits for drop shippers, so they have excellent prospects of promoting their business in any country.