The French began their own presence within Cambodia at the end of the 19th century after French merchants and explorers made their way from the country of Vietnam and Cambodia. In the year 1863, this country was a protectorate of the French countryside, for which it was incorporated into Indochina in the year 1887. Indeed, the French have not exercised the maximum influence in the Cambodian countryside, as they already did in Vietnam or For the Khmer who taught and spoke in Cambodia, the French language was going to be limited to the political class and wealthy people around the 1890s. In the 1910s, those masses were going to start learning French all over the world. country.

With the growth of these revolutionary movements in Vietnam, the French population does not want to promote education in this country, so the literacy rates continue to be too low. The growth of French speakers has increased until the Japanese arrived in World War II. Under the rule of the Japanese, Khmer is a language spoken by the government, along with Frances, and is taught in school. after this, French was again the official language. AFTER Cambodia’s independence in 1953, French is taught and used in government.