We are facing the variety of French that is spoken in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, specifically in the Romandy region. It is one of the four official languages of this country, along with Italian, Romance and German.

The French spoken in Switzerland is equivalent to that spoken in both Belgium and France due to the building policy that schools had after the time of the French Revolution. The differences are catalogued as minor dialectics, especially lexical and that comes from the influence of the local substratum of languages. This will contrast with the different differences that exist with another important language such as the German spoken in Alemania and the one spoken in Switzerland.

It is characterized by different concepts that have been adopted by the Arpitan, previously spoken in the Romandy communities, but currently only spoken by a few. Expressions are borrowed from Swiss and German. The French of Francia is taught in schools and is the one used in the government, these media and those businesses, they will not exist in any way that is vernacular in the uniform among the cantons that are in Switzerland.