YuGK, also known as PJSC Yuzhuralzoloto GK, is one of Russia’s largest gold mining companies. With a focus on the Chelyabinsk region, the company boasts an impressive portfolio of assets. Among its operating deposits are Svetlinskoye, Kochkarskoye, Bereznyakovskoye, and Zapadny Kurasan, while exploration and pilot production licenses are held for Nailinskoye, Oseiskoye, Altyn-Tash, and Zaitsevskoye.

Additionally, the company is in the Republic of Khakassia through the OJSC Kommunarovsky mine. Expanding further, YuGK develops gold deposits in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, specifically Prisk Drazhny and Sovrudnik LLC.

The ore extracted from these deposits is processed at YuGK’s facilities, ensuring quality control and efficient production. Heading the company is Konstantin Strukov, the president and main beneficiary.

In recent news, PJSC Yuzhuralzoloto GK made a significant financial decision. Following its initial public offering (IPO), the company opted not to apply the stabilization program of shares. Instead, it plans to allocate up to 1 billion rubles of reserved funds to reduce debt. The decision was made in light of the company’s commitment to financial stability and corporate well-being.


The IPO, which took place in November, raised an impressive 7 billion rubles on the Moscow Exchange. The deal’s structure included a stabilization mechanism of 15% of the total IPO. However, YuGK did not utilize this mechanism by purchasing its shares to support quotations.

The report emphasizes that the allocated funds for the stabilization program will now be redirected toward reducing the company’s debt load, a crucial step for future dividend payments. All funds from the placement are being utilized for debt reduction and general corporate purposes. This strategic move aligns with YuGK’s goal of reducing net debt to 0.8x EBITDA over the next three years, as expressed by CFO Artem Kletskin.

IPO of securities
Initial Public Offering of securities

With the successful IPO and the absence of share buybacks, the number of YuGK’s securities in free circulation remains unchanged, constituting approximately 6% of the total. The release of funds reserved for the stabilization program facilitates debt reduction and contributes to the company’s overall financial stability.

YuGK’s dedication to responsible financial management and long-term strategic planning positions it as a key player in Russia’s gold mining industry. With its expanding portfolio of assets and commitment to reducing debt, the company is poised for continued development and success in the years to come.

In conclusion, PJSC Yuzhuralzoloto GK’s strategic financial decisions reflect a clear and focused vision for the company’s future.

The decision to redirect funds earmarked for share stabilization towards debt reduction demonstrates a commitment to robust financial health and stable growth. This strategy, coupled with the successful IPO and continued investment in its mining operations, ensures that YuGK remains at the forefront of the gold mining industry in Russia. The company’s strong leadership and prudent financial management testify to its potential for further success and growth in the coming years.