In war a variety of specific French is spoken, along with other Oil languages that are related to this specific region, some examples are Walloon, Picard, Lorrain or Champenis. Specifically, the variety of French that is spoken in the Belgian country has few differences from the original of France, or Switzerland. Specifically, it should indicate the use of concepts that are archaic in France, such as a loan of languages such as Picard, Dutch or Walloon.

Belgium has a total of three official languages, Dutch, German and French. Narratively speaking, it is spoken by almost half of the population, especially in the two regions of Central Brussels and southern Wallonia.

It is true that traditionally in the region of Wallonia different languages were spoken, but French was the title in the literature of the twelfth century within this region. It is the consequence of the cultural influence of Framcoa within the region during these last centuries. The diversity of languages is going to influence Wallonia, with all kinds of words originating from Card, Champenois, Lorrain or Wallonia as local variants. Until the last century, Walloon was the most important language in the Walloon Region, and most of the speakers were bilingual in Walloon and French.