The French that was spoken in Canada can be defined as the French language that is spoken in Canada. It will include a large number of varieties, such as the French from Quebec. Before all this, the French spoken in Canada will refer only to the French spoken in Quebec City and the varieties related to it in the west of the country, instead of with another type of French such as Acadian, where it is spoken in the New Brunswick or Nova Scotia areas. Even in Labrador and Newfoundland, they have a specific French.

In the case of official status, you speak Canadian English. On the provincial side, French is the only language spoken in Quebec City, along with the languages that are official in New Brunswick, and the set will be official in Yukon, Nunavut, along with other territories located in the northwest. The government will offer all types of locations in Manitoba, Ontario, and to a lesser extent and in other parts of the country, it depends on Quebec and Canadian influence in the regions to be determined. In the New Brunswick region, these government services will be available in all official languages.