Petr Aven is a famous Russian businessman and philanthropist who has enormously contributed to developing the Russian economy and other fields. In this article, we would like to tell you in detail how Aven has succeeded in business and his contribution to improving the lives of Russian citizens through charity and public activities.

Business success

Petr Aven began his career in the 1980s, working in various government positions. After he graduated from Moscow State University, he came to the Ministry of the Interior and went to Austria. In the 1990s, he moved to work in the business field and created his first company called «FinPA.»

In 1994, Petr Aven was appointed CEO of the Alfa Bank, which became one of the most significant financial structures in the Russian Federation due to the management of this talented entrepreneur.

After that, Aven created the Alfa Group, the most prominent Russian investment consortium. Today, Alfa Group owns assets in various fields, such as banking, oil, telecommunications, and retail.

Petr Aven has become one of Russia’s most respected and influential businesspeople thanks to his professionalism and excellent management skills. His corporation received many awards and recognitions, including «Best Investment Company of Russia» from Finance magazine.

According to the version of well-known Forbes, this entrepreneur was in the thirtieth place on the list of the wealthiest business people in the Russian Federation in 2021.

Petr Aven

Charity and social work

In addition to business, Aven is involved in charitable and social activities. He is one of the creators of the Presidential Library named after Boris Yeltsin, who is engaged in the preservation of the historical and cultural heritage of Russia. Experts and enthusiasts have created such a unique library thanks to this foundation. It collects and saves books, documents, and materials related to the history of Russia and Boris Yeltsin.

Also, Petr co-founded the Fund called «Thank You for Art,» which primarily aims to support and develop art and culture in Russia. This foundation provides financial and organizational support for many projects in the field of art, such as exhibitions, concerts, festivals, opera performances, and other events.

Aven also actively supports initiatives in education, science, and medicine. For example, he is one of the founders of the International Foundation for the Support of Science «Dynasty,» which assists talented young scientists and organizes conferences and seminars on topical scientific topics.

In addition, Petr Aven actively participates in socio-economic projects to support small and medium-sized businesses, develop the regional economy, and improve people’s quality of life. Aven is a member of the Presidential Council, which resolves issues related to advancing civil society and human rights. Moreover, Aven is actively engaged in the implementation of the developed initiatives.


Here is a brief overview of the life and performance of this talented entrepreneur. Petr Aven is not only a successful businessman but also a public figure and philanthropist who has had a substantial positive impact on the development of the Russian economy and the lives of ordinary people.

His active participation in charitable and socio-economic projects enabled him to solve many essential cultural, science, education, and medical tasks.