French has its special and unique sound. That’s why you should learn it at least because it is very beautiful. Now, learning French is something you can do even sitting on your couch, whatever country you live in. There are high-quality mobile applications that will help you in this process. You can download some of them in Play Market, however, some more unique applications are posted only on such sites that are intended to download APK free specifically for the Android. Usage of such websites is an easy process, while there; the range of mobile programs is much wider then in the official Google application store.

Best applications for learning French language

In this article, we will describe the most unique and effective programs that you should not ignore if you plan to learn to speak this language of great writers, musicians, philosophers and travellers.

  • Nemo. Many of us know that’s the name of the captain in a book by one of the most famous French writers named Jules Verne. As for the Nemo program, it will help you to learn the language spoken by Jules Verne, easily and comprehensibly. In this program, the user will listen to the most frequently used words and sentences that French people use. Afterwards, he can practice their correct pronunciation. To do this, he should record his own utterances, and then this program will analyse them and compare them to the pronunciation of natives. Nemo does not use Internet connection because this program downloads all the necessary tools for studying directly in the device storage. That’s why you can practice French anywhere, even when you’re not at home.
  • Duolingo. It is one of the best free applications for various foreign languages. However, you should remember that the free version of this application has limited structure. If you plan to unlock all the features of this unique application, you will have to purchase a paid subscription. Duolingo uses such general principle of learning as «from simple to complex» one. This program will help you start learning from the very first steps and increase complexity and level. As a result, you will improve your speaking, reading, writing and even hearing skills in French. The learning process is designed in a game form, divided into many stages, and at the end of each of them, there is a little test that waits for every hardworking user.
  • WordDive is a program that has free limited functionality and paid one too. This program will give you three levels of complexity, and the learning process has been designed in such a way that you can use all types of human memory. If you want, you can install WordDive on multiple devices and synchronize them so you can continue to learn French with comfort wherever you are. It also has a reward system that encourages each user to increase their ambition and to accelerate their learning of the French language.
  • Busuu is a program that does not have a paid version. Thus, it will probably like you thanks its useful features. For example, it will help you to complete some language assignments and even send them to French speakers for testing. Busuu contains almost 3000 terms and words in its vocabulary. They all have a structure on 150 popular themes, too. The exercises that Busuu contains are not uniform and help users improve their skills such as vocabulary, grammar, reading, and auditing.
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We do not have the opportunity to describe many useful and effective programs, and therefore we only want to mention briefly such applications as Memrise and Babbel. They are both on the basis of paid subscription. However, they contain a wide range of functions and will assist you reliably in the process of learning French.