The mobile Animixplay app was specially designed for anime viewing with English and French dubs. The anime is available to fans of Japanese culture in HD-quality without subtitles and, what users especially love, it is not advertised. Users of this application can independently create playlists with the cartoons they are interested in. In Google Play, various applications for modern gadgets are available. You can choose them by name or by visiting the section «Videos and Films». Also,  you can find apps downloads for Android free in a detached online directory in the form of APK files.

Animixplay features

This program was specially designed for smartphones and tablets. Among its advantages is the ability to view anime with such factors as:

  • HD quality;
  • free access;
  • original track in Japanese and subtitle support;
  • quality English and French dubs;
  • no advertising.

Earlier, developers used the anime style to create cartoon comics. Gradually, with the development of digital technology, it became a different format, becoming animated films. Modern anime offers all of its authors the use of computer graphics and mainframes in their creation.

Many popular film studios create program animations. In Japanese cartoons, the plot tells us about fictional worlds and the confrontation between good and bad characters. However, the creators do not stop there. Today, the anime is featured in almost every genre from melodrama and horror films to adult films.

Animixplay app

Animixplay strengths

Users can start applications free downloads, including films and serials. After uploading video content to your gadget, you will be able to view it even without access to the Internet. To start operating the application, the user does not need to register. In addition, viewers are not offered premium membership. The Animixplay APK interface is simple and easy to use for any mobile device. Other benefits include lack of advertising and enhanced playlists.

Apk free supports a large number of audio and video codecs, as well as touch gestures to adjust brightness and volume. It is also available to all users via Chromecast. This program has flexible interface settings, options and local device storage.


Safety problems have puzzled many users of this program. They should be aware that if public authorities decide to punish someone for illegally distributing the copyright video content, the State will only sue the developers, but they will leave the users in peace. Therefore, they will be able to download and broadcast not only old but fresh anime without fear. Free anime films and series are available to them in excellent quality and without file size restrictions.